My name is David Balogh. I was born in 1988 in Budapest, Hungary. The first contact can be made with the music of the early 90s, then back to the dance and house music. I started to move toward the grunge trend of the scene bands Nirvana and then the late 90s. Great influence on my Nirvana melancholic but wild and unbridled numbers that will accompany you and provide inspiration for writing a song a day. I tasted the early 2000s, several different styles such as hip hop, metal, etc. ... then 2003-2004 around a friend of mine showed me some techno and hardcore songs in performers who then determining expect such as Chris Liebing, DJ Rush, Monika Kruse and even then I knew that techno as a musical style will be like that in the future preference. In 2005, he met another friend by the hard techno techno like a faster version and immediately knew that this is the style for me. After that, at the end of the 2000s, I started looking in Budapest various hard techno events. In 2010 I started to make their own hard techno mixes. I started to write their own songs based on the positive feedback. I do not want to be stereotyped among artists. One of the biggest idol Tobias Luke aka OBI I really like the power that 155 BPM can output a low to a high-note. I would like to deal with making music but for now just a hobby.
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