Got his first dj experience @ he's parent's Bar as a child and become a resident- dj on saturday at his uncles party tavern at 14 years with all sorts of styles. Later he was a succesfully DJ spinning Vinyl in some famous belgian clubs (Shaft-Outline-Atmoz) ,parties ,clubs and Bars with Trance,Hardcore and Techno (from 1997 till 2004) .
Frederick stopped with bookings and choose for his carreer and became an international Chemical Engineer but kept djing in his free time and played on many private venues. In Juli 2016 he felt with a severe burn-out and during his recovery he instinctifly found strenght in djing again with modern Techno and editing digital audio and video.
His passion and ambition to improve himself in the scene made F.R.E. today wanted for his podcasts ,livestreams,supports ,showcases,scouting,planning and (private) bookings for webradio's,events and labels all over the Globe.
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