Techno is not only culture, its a passion

Born in 1983, Chris aka DJ C!Ko discovered his passion for music at an early age . In the 90's the electronic sounds fascinated him. What reminded him of the first synthetic melodies in the 70's.
The love of electro sounds grew bigger than he first saw Jean-Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk.
The first years passed and Chris aka Dj C!ko began to celebrate Hardcore, this style characterizes his dark but powerful techno direction.
Being restrained by false shame, he began to pursue his passion to be a DJ. Although he did not have much experience he was allowed to do this very early various clubs, like > Marx Bar , Epic! , Spot48
( SoulKitchen; Point ) , Dklub in Luxemburg.
He learned quickly and could very soon play with greats like
> Bass Collectors , Kipa, SdRm, Pierre Plex , Dark Moon, Jan fleck, Xentrix, Ecco, Miss Nat-H-lee, Eastone, Packo Gualandris, Ronny Müller.
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