WAM FM webradio é um projeto completamente privado e sem fins lucrativos voltado para a divulgação da música eletrônica, Deejays e suas respectivas produções musicais e sets, além da exibição de podcasts das mais diferentes vertentes da Eletronic Music.

     WAM FM webradio is a completely private and nonprofit project aimed at the dissemination of electronic music, Deejays and their respective musical productions and sets, as well as podcasts from the most different aspects of Eletronic Music.


In 1991 I started with Techno.
The „Backstage“ (Munich) made an event on sundays afternoon (TILT) (! "TILT" was the name of the event :-)), which was my first techno party I went to. Others may follow!
Growing up at the Ultraschall, Zeppelinhalle, Alabama Halle, Temple Club or Nachtwerk Club (Electric Delicate), I went dancing, dancing, dancing.
Finding friends and living with „THE CHANGE“ at the Munich Techno Szene and the need to deal with the new location Kunstpark Ost (Munich), closing Flughafen Riem.
Time goes by...
Potempkin Club, Natraj Tempel and Labor (Titanic City) were following.

In 1997 I´d got two belt-drive Reloop Turntables, falling in my lap!
With DJ Monotom I (Project2504) made my first steps on Djing:
It wasn´t so easy, …probably for those who had to listen!!!
I´d buy my first records at the "Presswerk" Munich. "Presswerk" arranged me my first experiences by playing for the crowd.
Mostly I played at events, which were organized by "Presswerk" Munich. (Open Air Festival in Schwaz (Aut), Potempkin Club III at the Temple Club (Reactor) Munich, Marrakesch/Kunstpark Ost, …)
In 2001 I´d buy my Technics 1210 MK II, used. (They turning until now!!!)
With my Love, leaving Munich and changing to Berlin, I begun studying social work. To become a Sozial Worker, it finished me a lots of time off, but I like my job very much.
In making techno music, I was always very flexible by the different styles. So I used to buy records or digital tracks from minimal/ progressive techno to psy- and goa-trance. Techno cures me !

Since 2012 I´m back at Munich.
A good friend of mine, Adrian Vines, helped me to reach home base again!
We made lots of techno-sets together and distributed them on soundcloud. (our account was killed...) But we couldn´t be stopped!
Adrian Vines, resident DJ at the "Hirnschraube" Augsburg, went with me for finding new resources. Nowadays many productions are only digital to have. So we integrated „new“ hardware by the „Traktor Time Code“ system to enter a new world of possibilities.
Let´s see what the future is up to…
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