WAM FM webradio é um projeto completamente privado e sem fins lucrativos voltado para a divulgação da música eletrônica, Deejays e suas respectivas produções musicais e sets, além da exibição de podcasts das mais diferentes vertentes da Eletronic Music.

     WAM FM webradio is a completely private and nonprofit project aimed at the dissemination of electronic music, Deejays and their respective musical productions and sets, as well as podcasts from the most different aspects of Eletronic Music.



DJ, Producer, remixer, in southern France. Authentic impassioned by electronic music since her young age, she has done more than her passion, since she plays now regularly in France and Germany mainly. Signed on multiple labels : Naked Lunch, Elektrax, Yin Yang, Dolma Rec, , Electrovino, Oxytech.... She now have her very own style, a full of energy, groovy and psychedelic techno music.
booking : tawa-girl@outlook.fr
Agency : bookings@connectedrecordings.nl