The Abnormal Boyz were born in Neaples, a city which is passionated to the music as well as the tourists felt in love with their foot.
The guys know each other from meeting in few clubs all over Neaples. Very soon they understood that they met themselves only for one reason, creating music.
Quickly the Abnormal Boyz started to meet each other in studios and soon fantastic tracks were born. Their music is based on a funky sound, refreshing and constantly mutating, with minimal bass-lines and involving grooves!
The group is placed in the music market since 2006, with successful tracks and remixes on labels like:
Micro.fon, Kiddaz FM, Splitsound, Frankie rec. , Analytic Trail, Globox, Minibus, Saf, Loose rec. , Italo Business, Escapism
and many more……
In the beginning the Abnormal Boyz were based on three guys, now it changed to become the perfect duo .
The music they appreciate is always fresh and groovie; It´s a mix of house and techno music.
Their gigs around Europe have always been very successful, especially when both of the dj´s are booked together. But in a case it would be also a great performance when one of the Abnormal Boyz is making his solo dj set. Countries as Spain, England, Holland, Russia, France and obviously throughout Italy just have had the luck to taste good music of the Abnormal Boyz!
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