The project SINCRONISM stems from the dedication to music, art and of sound defined science. It ‘s a form of complex art created to achieve certain pleasing sounds & effects, which are able to express the inner life of the individual; talking about science as the study of the birth, evolution and analysis of sound.
His music sounds modern without following the trends of fashion ... The effect of his method is in electronic technology, in which the dancers are no longer dancing to a kind of music, but rather one that makes the music 'dance the dancers.

SINCRONISM played with:

Umek, Jeff Mills, Dj Rush, Ben Sims, Pet Duo, Space Djz, Joseph Capriati, Coyu, Ramiro Lopez, Alexander Kowalski, Luigi Madonna, Sasha Carassi, Paul Ritch, Tomy Declerque, Beltek, Carlo Lio, Fatima Hajji, & Many others!!
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