BeatKreator ST b2b LaBooMa
BeatKreator ST is a producer of music of electronic arts and DJ. She is also an Audio Engineer and Mastering Engineer.

Since 2010 BeatKreator ST produced several styles of electronic music but preferred Hard Techno, Progressive Techno and Techno-Trance. His/her sounds has distinctive, depth-driven, dirty and dark basslines that are clearly unique to his/her style. Over years he/she studied a big number of electronic instruments by him/herself. At last he/she decided to study at Deutsche Pop Akademie Music Production, and he/she became an Artistic Producer, Mastering Engineer and Audio Engineer. Meanwhile he/she released several Albums and EP´s of Progressive Techno & Trance Music. The last EP was released in August 2017, it was called PLAY KULT BEAT. over the years He/she developed his/her own musical style. And he/she further continues to evolve new sounds.


BeatKreator ST is DJing since 1995. In this time there was only one mode to play: Vinyl and Technics 1210. He/she played and organized a lot of underground techno events with other local DJs. Today he/she plays with a Traktor System that he/she uses to play Hard, Dark, Deep and Dirty Techno. He/she loves to mix all the different Techno genres in one mix, to let the borderlines between the genres disappear, to create a new form of a progressive mixes. He/she never made set lists and is always playing spontaneously. On stage, he/she emits a lot of energy so that he/she turns the dance floor into a dance fire.

Of course he/she plays live too. 10 Hard, Dark, Deep Dirty Techno events and 8 with the name KULT BEAT in Munich GER were organized by him/her in the past 2 years. The philosophy of Kult Beat is „PLAY YOUR OWN SOUND“ there are only two rules: no HOUSE genres and nothing under 132 bpm. Play what you are. BeatKreator ST is one of the Resident DJs of this event and there were great local, national and international artists booked. Moreover he/she played live at Heimatlos Dark Edition @ Bullit Club Munich and Play! Festival Sneek NL.


You´re searching or need someone who´s playing with passion? You will have someone who knows his/her handwork? You will have someone who light dancefloors fire? Than book me contact me for booking and prices.
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