DJ/Producer/Remixer na empresa Jeremy Cheung, Disc Jockey (DJ) na empresa This Is Music e Music Consultant na empresa Mixmag China 中國

Champion of the 2008 Pioneer Hong Kong DJ Quest, Jeremy started his DJ career in 2006.
Beginning to learn the art of DJ-ing at 16, in his DJ sets one will find a nice blend of different genres ranging from House, Deep house, Tech-House, Techno, Minimal, Indie Dance/NU Disco and more. Having a lifelong love for a wide spectrum of music, Jeremy delivers a rocking DJ set every time with his impressive knowledge of tunes of all sorts. For a young DJ, Jeremy surely knows a lot about the styles of music, the labels, the re-mixers and the producers who creates these tunes. Going beyond the music he plays, Jeremy strives to surpass the art of mixing. Reviews from the clubbing scenes often mention his tight solid mixing, awesome selection and sequencing of his tunes. For those who have gone to see Jeremy’s spin before, they know that he is a DJ who knows the stuff well beyond many counterparts for a long long time!
Jeremy has performed with some world class DJs/ producers, they are Dubfire, Darren Emerson, Umek, Four Tet, Christian Smith, Peggy Gou, just to name a few.
He holds residencies for top Underground clubs in Hong Kong which includes Oma, Social Room and AfterDarkAndBeyond. Besides Hong Kong, he had also performed in many other top clubs around the region.
The list includes:
Glow (Bangkok)
Jenja (Bali)
Kyo, Cato (Singapore)
Kyo, Under9 (Kuala Lumpur)
Savage (Hanoi)
The Observatory (Ho Chi Minh City)
Time (Manila)
Elevator, Celia, Arkham (Shanghai)
Lantern (Beijing)
.TAG, Here we go, Taiga (Chengdu)
Echobay (Chongqing)
Pacha, Kempek Bar (Macau)
Loopy (Hangzhou)
and many more!

Jeremy has 2 releases from Hong Kong’s local dance label Typhoon8 Records.
The Butcher EP (collaborated with Fresh Funky S) - released in October 2016
Driller (released under Above the Line EP) - released in February 2018

He is also the record holder of longest DJ Set played at an official venue in Hong Kong, total of 13 hours.
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