Anyone who has been around the hard house scene for the last 15 years will be familiar with Dale Fairbairn aka Butcher Boy. However now the no-holds-barred producer and DJ is marching to a new BMP.

Having always had a love and appreciation of Techno and Tech House Dale is now turning his attention to making a name for himself as a producer in these genres. When asked about his change in tact he laughs “Well I’m not a butcher and I'm not a boy anymore!” but goes on to add “Change is good sometimes, and I have been really enjoying my time in the studio working on some new tracks and I think that is showing in my music - I can’t wait to start getting these new tunes out there”. We are looking forward to it as well.

In the year 2000 inner-city skylines were neon lit with the names of the hard dance superclubs, dominating the UK scene. True global brands, the likes of Godskitchen, Gatecrasher, Trade and Sundissential were the flagship events fuelling London's thriving hard dance scene. Drumrolling into a banging crescendo, London's antipodean community embraced this banging dance madness, led by the big guns Fevah and Frantic, themselves spawning a throng of events still resonating strongly a decade later.
Dale Fairbarn, better known to many by his Butcherboy moniker, exploded into this dynamic musical landscape, rising fast in a tough and competitive DJ environment to play the some of the most popular parties in London.
Making a name as a DJ in the era that defined the antipodean house-party, quickly transcended into a multitude of dance events with the name Butcherboy on the flyers.
A debut with hard trance heavyweight Quake and its nomadic existence via Camden Palace, Shepherd's Bush Empire and the legendary Bagleys, led Dale to regular appearances with events such as Torque, Solid Sunday and the infamous Finger parties, all with cult following in their own right.
Toast, U4RIA, Pandemonium, CyberDog and Smile (UK and NZ) all added to Dale's experience, as well as international exposure with UK trance phenomenon K90 tour of Australia and New Zealand, Ireland and Sweden.
Not satisfied with a sole purpose of belting out the hard dance anthems in his own inimitable style, Butcherboy alliance turned its attention to the highly competitive world of dance music production. It did not take long for the typical adrenaline-fuelled tracks defining a Butcherboy DJ set to find their way etched onto some of hard dance’s biggest labels.

The Butcher Boy franchise made its first sonic assault via the now legendary label Vicious Circle. The double whammy of tracks, We Can Fire and Sub Sonica, launched a journey into the who’s who of hard dance.
The production machine in motion, Butcherboy tracks have become standards in the record boxes of many of the scene’s major players. The guest list includes Andy Farley, Paul Glazby, James Nardi, JP & Jukesy and the infamous Captain Tinrib.
The word spread, the resume of album appearances quickly spread through compilations by Insomniacz, Andy Farley’s Future Hard House, Tidy Weekender and Tidy Designer Label.
Lost At Sea, a 2007 studio collaboration album with Captain Tinrib and Paul Arnold under the Omega 3 moniker, took fishy leap into the top tier of hard dance with several tracks widely championed by the industry DJ heavyweights. The album played up to excellent reviews and the single Fishy Situations was nominated for the Hard Dance Award’s “Tune of the Year” for 2008, and hammered relentlessly by every major DJ in clubland.
A subsequent sonic sojourn via a myriad of labels including Tidy, Vicious Circle, Tonka, Octane, Tinrib, Deprivation, Rave On, Toolbox, Insomniacs, Spinball, SmallTown, Stereodays and many more has led Butcher Boy to make the ultimate commitment to launch and manage his own imprint Carbon Recordings.
Successive releases on Carbon are creating the desired buzz and winning over the fans. Though a young label in terms of releases, Carbon’s artist profile reads like the proverbial Walk of Fame with guest stars Andy Farley, James Lawson, Base Graffitti, Defective Audio, Daniel Ro, JP & Jukesy, Nik Denton, James Nardi and of course Butcherboy.
Currently Butcher Boy is working on a album with Defective Audio, which will include collaborations with Andy Farley and Marc Johnson, so watch this space.
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