My name is Vinicius Amaro, I am Graphic Designer of training and profession, I am 29 years old and I am from São Paulo. Since my 14/15 years I have been fascinated by electronic music. I remember when I started to get interested in all this universe, when I got my first job, the first thing I was doing in partnership with my brother-in-law, was to buy a pair of Cd-J Gemini, speakers and a power to start then Learn to play (Techno). We played some parties, did some pvt`s raves and had lots of fun at this time. I confess that in this between-crop of age until I reached the age of 29, unfortunately I did not succeed in following the practice of discotheque due to the rush of life among other plans and objectives that I needed to achieve, college, marriage and etc, but Techno never left my Heart and this year so I decided to buy the equipment again and play again, in fact I should never have stopped, afi-nal of accounts few things in life satisfy me and Techno certainly has that role for me.
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