WAM FM webradio é um projeto completamente privado e sem fins lucrativos voltado para a divulgação da música eletrônica, Deejays e suas respectivas produções musicais e sets, além da exibição de podcasts das mais diferentes vertentes da Eletronic Music.

     WAM FM webradio is a completely private and nonprofit project aimed at the dissemination of electronic music, Deejays and their respective musical productions and sets, as well as podcasts from the most different aspects of Eletronic Music.



I started playing as a DJ in 1992.
In 1994 I got associated with 5 other DJ’s of techno and we formed the "NRV BIG BANG DJ’S"
(Aktarus, Drym’z, Hipnoise, Naomix, Rabbiax et Randy).
At the time my DJ alias was: Drym’z.
From 1995 to 1998 we organized many night sessions and parties in Paris area with 400 to 2500 participants also acted as the organizer and DJ of the "London vs Paname"evenings in various Parisian clubs and bars, during 3 years and as the artistic director in the Triangle bar and 27bis bar, for one year.