Salvatore MANCUSO, in art "HARCUWELLDJ, born in a town in the province of Palermo, Termini Imerese, 22-12-1973.Sin as a child I had a lot of love for the Dance music of that period, that is the past" years 80 "In 1987 I started my first radio experiences in several local radio stations, proposing what was my musical genre starting to buy my first records. In 1992 I made my first leap in quality, hooked up with an additional local radio, a a little more advanced, where I learned to use the Technics 1200 turntables, with which I started to mix the music in a correct way. I made different experiences in the locales in a disco "Soemin Center", all this lasted until 1997, dedicating myself exclusively to the work I did and that I still do the construction worker. The break lasted about 10 years and in 2007 I finally bought my first PC, starting from there to experiment with digital, learning to use an excellent software " virtual DJ ".Fù a very important path because from there I made my first DJ sets that take the name of Dmix with the musical genre EDM, starting from vol. 1 to the current vol. 38. I tried in every way to make known my talent through those DJ sets on FACEBOOK but only few people appreciated.But finally knowing an important person and a lot of friends (V.W). He asked me if I could make DJ sets of music Techno . After this I also got to know some important DJ Producers, among them "Peter Mills" who invited me to his Podcast, called TSI, which was aired on a well known German web radio "Cuebase-FM." Taigo Onez " which gave me the chance to perform on a famous web radio radio in Chicago "FNOOB TECHNO RADIO". And now I'm the resident dj of the UK Underground radio-FM "Techno Connection"
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