Since moving to the Nordstadt in Dortmund in 2013, DISPENS has been musically working to melt the impressions of his surroundings and his understanding of electronic music into each other. There's no fear of kitsch or the limitations of techno – why not produce a house track if you want to. This led to various digital releases on NITD. Together with Naath, Scherbenfeld and redredred, he is part of the collective NORDI IS TO DANCE (NITD), which organizes underground raves and concerts.
Together with redredred, he plays a mix of techno, noise and industrial at live sets as Disred, using analogue and digital equipment, guitars, effects units and mirophones. In 2016, DISPENS played some of his tracks together with the Dortmunder Philharmoniker at DO'Fusion under conductor Ingo Martin Stadtmüller, alongside Dash, Larse and eeph.
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