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     WAM FM webradio is a completely private and nonprofit project aimed at the dissemination of electronic music, Deejays and their respective musical productions and sets, as well as podcasts from the most different aspects of Eletronic Music.


Martin.P, known by the stage name, Artin.P ', was born on 04 December 1980 in Vienna.

The resident DJ of Permanentdruck discovered his love for music very early.
At the age of 14 years, Artin.P discovered his great passion for the melodies and sounds of various styles and genres. However, it soon became clear his special interest is in electronic music.

In 1996 Artin.P- held at the tender age of only 16 years! - Together with A-Brothers from vienna - his first event. And already at his first event Artin.P had major triumphs as a young DJ. Due divided opinions on the expectations and prospects of future plans, the two artists broke their cooperation in the year 2006.

All the knowledge and insights which Artin P. snaped in recent years, gave him experience and security.
Artin.P has already had several successful appearances in his list of references worldwide.

In his spare time Artin.P spends a lot of time in his own studio for mixing and preparing his varied and diverse sets.

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And many many more.....

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