In 2015, Corey Biggs, will be bringing water, to the masses, within his dance revolution, personal legacy for love within Dance music. His passion for learning to re-learn, Music production, and creating compelling unorthodox sounds, Is the magic that creates, his perfect ideals daily. 2015 is his first year ever, releasing his music productions, to the world with over 10+ years in the Dance Music Industry. He May or May not be, the missing secret to the on-going dance music revolution, this is the unknowable in being. The knowable though, is his being, of his sound being, whole, perfect, strong, powerful, happy & harmonious. This presence creates his, imperfect to perfect ideals & his desire within life learning of Mastery and Spirituality to reflect on his creations. His 1st Album, Vanity Fair Nightmare, released on the DC10 Records, in April 2015, has been, sub-licensed by 8 labels including MMXV Artist Collective, 20 SHADES OF MINIMAL, CLUB MINIMAL 2015, MINIMAL BLUEPRINT, BERLIN MINIMAL VOL 2, SPOT ON MINIMAL, MINIMAL TECHNO APOCALYPSE
Corey Biggs, has upcoming remixes, in Fall 2015 of his many of his, originals works, by artist including, Filterheadz, Boot Slap, Happy Gutenberg, 1043, Rhythm Staircase, Cross Beat, Nino Bellemo, Niko Charidis, Niko Akrivos, Emma Jai, Sibaritas, DJ Dyno, H3ni & Paris Haze. Current Label Releases from January thru August 2015, have included labels, 1.Proud Sound 2. DC10 Records 3.Hungry Koala Records 4.Move U Babe Records 5.Proud Runs Deep 6.Hontas Records 7.System UK Digital Current 2015 Compilation Releases include IBIZA 2015 SUMMER TUNES VOL. 1 LA BEATS 2015 20 SHADES OF MINIMAL CLUB MINIMAL 2015 MINIMAL BLUEPRINT BERLIN MINIMAL VOL 2 SPOT ON MINIMAL MINIMAL TECHNO APOCALYPSE
In Fall 2015, Corey Biggs, confirmed releases will be on Recording Labels *MMXV Artist Collective *Proud Sound *Frequenza Recording *Italica Records *SubWoofa Records *DC10 Records *Move U Babe Records *Pata Pata Records *SUB/MISSION *Coalition Records Corey Biggs, is the Owner of, Music Is The Drug & Professional Rockstars, recording labels, artist including, Tomy DeClerque, Tony Dee, Paul Begge, Filterheadz, Cross Beat, Rhythm Staircase, Laylae, Nino Bellemo, H3ni, Laylae, Lowkilla, DJ Dyno, Mike Anderson, Pegasus303, RockStar, & Scott Mason