LEVS is a Colombian born, Spain raised and Belgium based artists of 21 year old, known as a Techno and Underground twins producer and Dj.
Their first experience with the music was at the age of 16 yo when they first got in touch with Logic Pro X and few months later, they became interested in the mixing part deciding to buy their first dj equipment being already 17yo. Between those years they had already produced an amount of 9 tracks.
The summer of 2015 was a big step for LEVS’ musical career, as they got their first residency at the well known Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, where they were improving their skills playing sets of 6h long. Weeks later the twins had the chance to open one of the nights at the recognised club Amnesia Ibiza making that for them an introduction in the Underground industry.
During the years 2016/2017 they were frequently traveling between Spain and Belgium, as mostly of their bookings were there. Playing as well at different locations.
Besides it, they were getting more focused in the creative part, being constantly developing their ideas in their studio. As a result, they turned out to be releasing what it would be their first official Underground EP 'Sound Of Us', being available on Itunes & Beatport. At the same time they were moving to their currently location, Belgium (Antwerp).

The following year (2018), LEVS was getting in shape on their musical taste, moving to a raw and rough Techno, as well as on the way of producing, experimenting with breakbeats and atmospheric darkened sounds. Gaining knowledge on that side concluded to the sisters' second EP, named 'Inner Voices’, released in June under the Belgian label Conscious Mind. The EP contains two songs which they would define them as a melancholy tracks that allow you to build a bridge between you and your deepest self.

The sisters describe their sets as an immersion of oneself in a state of high consciousness, that will let you connect and absorb the energy of the ambient in the room.
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