The Sinner & The Saint
This is the Co-Op between the 2 brothers TrixX K and Grimmaldika!
4 Decks Techno and awesome releases!

The Sinner and The Saint!

This is the work and co-op of 2 brothers playing in complete harmony!
Let them stun you with their 4 Decks Co-Op Mixes and tracks they produce together!
The Sinner and The Saint is Grimmaldika and TrixX K, or is it TrixX K and Grimmaldika, or is it...


Taking it one beat at a time, layering sounds and scapes, loops and beats to get even more fantastic sounding states of groove.
Transposing feelings into electronics he starts his creation.
Always holding in mind that there are no boundaries or barriers in making music for the mind. Groove and melodie are the answers grimmaldika will give and take from the crowd as he makes them dance and jump. handing out a pure sensation that will allow you to ascend beyond the concept of music! Experimenting about 20 years with all sorts of genre/style in sounds and in true life, surpassing all the highs and lows he encounterd, the time now has come to fully deploy and develop his skills of playing different instruments and producing music. Watch out world Grimmaldika is coming :)

TrixX K:

TrixX K crossed many tracks as he followed the sounds that allways will be the guidance he needs.

Experimenting with words and lyrics and different rythms for over 20 years.
He went from metal to techno and all in between!

Allways playing more of a supporting role he recently stepped up.
With a new drive he is now producing his own tracks he has to cross,
his own sounds he has to guide.

He is coming up with some great tracks for all of you to enjoy!
In a way he allways will be the support!
Let his beats smoothen your tracks.


He started the dj collective SoundOfSystems with his brother Grimmaldika in octobre 2017. With their weekly episodes on mixcloud they reach all charts and are growing steadily. They also got a residence at Techno Connection UK Underground fm, Wamfm as a collective and as solo artists, and get asked regularly for guestmixes online.
He also has his own weekly show "Shapes Of Techno!"
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