Joerg S. aka Joker Born on the 15/06/1981 in Mainz/Germany
The enthusiasm for electronic music ("Techno/Hardtechno/Schranz") started already start the 90th, with the radio transmission HR. 3 Clubnight. This music and her style direction was something completely different than what one knew, otherwise, also in the clubs and discos the time has changed very fast and the music became more and more electronic, quick and there originated end of the 90th Hardtechno. This music direction had it to me simply angetahn, one can say I am to her completely a dilapidated. With this big enthusiasm in this music direction to make tried I me then also even to set `see. It was only thus to the fun. And as some of my friends said itself this would well listen what I made there, I caught to it to share it also others can hear. I hope it like to you what her Hearing, a lot of fun also further there your Joker
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